Can’t Keep Up? 5 Ways to Enjoy a Clutter-Free Christmas

When most people think about Christmas, visions of twinkling lights, gingerbread houses, and falling snow come to mind. But for busy moms, the word “Christmas” paints an entirely different picture.

Almost immediately, you visualize wrapping paper strewn across the living room floor, dirty dishes in the sink after the holiday feast, and your children’s closets overflowing with new toys. It’s not that you don’t enjoy the celebrations— you do. But when it’s all said and done, and you’re left to sort through the chaos, you find yourself wondering if it’s all becoming a little too much.

Well, mom, you’re right! Christmas is overwhelming, especially when you’re the one working overtime to spread all that cheer.

But here’s what you need to know— it’s possible to avoid holiday clutter, maintain control of your home, and fully participate in all the family fun. (I promise!) You just need a few simple tips and tricks. 

Today I’ll be laying out my best clutter-busting hacks because, honestly, who needs extra stress during the most wonderful time of the year? Grab your hot cocoa, get comfy, and let’s get started!

5 Tips for a Clutter Free Christmas

1. Reconsider the Way You Gift

Instead of giving your loved ones jewelry, gadgets, clothes, or other physical items, try giving experiences. Whether it’s a one-night stay at a nice hotel, movie passes, or concert tickets— experiences are ideal for enjoying a clutter free Christmas. There’s no need for gift boxes, bows, or ribbons. Just a card and a gift certificate they’ll love!

2. Ditch Paper Cards and Go Digital

If you’re really committed to achieving an organized Christmas, I recommend sending virtual holiday cards, party invitations, and gift certificates. Most people keep traditional cards for a week (if not less) and then throw them in the garbage. Plus, paper invitations and gift cards can get lost in the paperwork shuffle. With virtual messages, your loved ones can quickly search for and access the information they need, directly from their cell phone or computer.

3. Do a Pre-Christmas Toy Drive

Decluttering prior to the holidays is the absolute BEST way to mitigate mess and keep your sanity during the festive season. This is particularly important if you have young children, since toys tend to pile up and become a major problem. 

You can encourage your children to embrace the generous spirit of Christmas by donating toys they no longer need or use. Educate them about the positive impact their unused toys will have on another child’s life. You’ll be amazed how quickly they start searching for items to donate!

4. Set Gift-Giving Guidelines for Extended Family

I hear from a lot of moms who say the same thing: “I planned to have a clutter-free Christmas, but we have a big extended family and they all bring gifts, food, baked goods, etc. Before I know it, the house is full!” 

If this is the case for you, I strongly encourage setting gift-giving guidelines. No, it isn’t rude! Ultimately, your family members want to give you something that will be useful and enjoyed. Clarifying the types of gifts or contributions that best suit your needs eliminates the guesswork for your loved ones and prevents overwhelm for you. That’s a win/win situation.

You can approach the subject by saying things like:

  • “We really appreciate the baked goods you bring every year, but for health reasons we aren’t able to eat sweets. I’d hate to see them wasted when someone else would love to have them!”
  • “We’re asking friends and family members not to buy Emily toys this year. Her room is overflowing and we feel it’s important to teach her the value of experiences. We’ve asked her to pick a new hobby she’d like to try. She picked rock climbing! If you’d like, we welcome you to contribute to the cost of her lessons.”
  • “It would mean a lot to us if we could each give one gift this year. We could draw names and set a financial limit, so everyone is on the same page and no one feels the need to overspend.”

5. Schedule Your Christmas Cleanup in Advance

Getting your home back in order after the holidays is no small feat. Even if you manage to control clutter during Christmas, there will inevitably be new items you need to make room for, and tidying that needs to be done.

My recommendation? Book a professional organizing session before the holidays arrive. It’s the perfect way to enjoy complete peace of mind during the festive season. No matter how much chaos ensues, hiring a team of professionals guarantees you’ll start the New Year with a home that feels like a sanctuary instead of a Santa’s workshop explosion. It’s like a holiday present for your future self!

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