Meet the Team

Our Team of Declutter Coaches & Professional Organizers serves clients in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Calgary
and ALL their Surrounding Areas:
St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Drayton Valley, Leduc, Camrose, Stettler, Sylvan Lake, Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House, Airdrie, Cochrane

Hi! I’m Christa!

I am the Owner and Lead Professional Organizer of this amazing Team, serving Central Alberta and Edmonton Region. 

My goal for our time together is to bring more order, calm, and joy into your space and life. My team and I provide the practical ideas, compassionate coaching, energetic efficiency, and the physical assistance required to declutter, style and organize your spaces. As a result of our time together, you will experience the many benefits of decluttering and organization.

My attention to detail and sensitivity to the unique needs and emotions of each client makes every project comfortable and productive with life-changing results.

Calgary, Red Deer, Lacombe, Rocky Mountain House, Sylvan Lake, Stettler, Airdrie, Cochrane & Surrounding Areas.

Hi! I'm Jen!

I am thrilled to be part of this amazing team of Professional Organizers, assisting all of our clients located in Calgary, Red Deer, Lacombe, Rocky Mountain House, Sylvan Lake, Stettler, Airdrie, Cochrane and the surrounding areas.

Organizing has always been a passion of mine. Throughout my life, I have found a great deal of freedom in decluttering and organizing my own possessions, so I decided to share this experience with others by becoming a Professional Organizer.

With the love and support of my husband and my two amazing children, I am able to do exactly what I love- create order and organization in the lives of others

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Hi! I'm Veronica!

Your home should be more than just a place to rest; it should be a sanctuary that provides you joy and peace. I take the time to understand your dreams for a space, and I’m here to guide you through every step of the transformation process, from decluttering to stylishly organizing. The end result? You’ll fall back in love with your home, and all the feel-good energies that come along with that!

In addition to my services as a professional decorator, organizer, and Feng Shui design consultant, I also offer space cleansing through sage and incorporate guided meditations to facilitate the transformational process. This holistic approach ensures that your space not only looks harmonious but also feels rejuvenated, allowing you to thrive in your revitalized environment.

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Hi! I'm Kim!

I am a KonMari (Marie Kondo) Certified Consultant, one of only 5 in Alberta and 42 in all of Canada.

I know that living with clutter creates overwhelm and affects every aspect of your emotional, mental and physical well being.

So, it brings me great joy helping people create a sense of peace and calm in their homes, and their lives, by making space for what’s most important and letting the rest go.

I would love to assist you with decluttering and organizing in your home, turning your spaces into beautiful, functional, peaceful places that you love and are proud of

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Hi! I'm Lisa!

Your home should be your happy place, not the cause of your stress. A calm, organized home that is free of clutter has positive effects on both your mental and physical health, your family/social life, and your finances. The time you will gain back is also priceless, which in turn will allow you to focus more on the things you love

Working with families and teaching children good organizing habits is something I specialize in and am incredibly passionate about! Being a mom of 2, I know firsthand how having an organized home can benefit the entire family unit in so many ways.
I look forward to helping you get organized!

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Hi! I'm Kristen!

I have always had a love of organization since I was a kid. From lining up shoes at the front door at my 2nd birthday to labeling our pantry in my teens. I have turned my lifelong passion into a rewarding career that I can share with others! 

I enjoy helping people get organized in every aspect of their lives! My primary support has been helping business owners get organized. From digital and physical file management to home offices for optimal productivity. 

I believe that when your physical surroundings are harmonious and uncluttered, it opens up space in your life for clarity, creativity, and endless possibilities. I look forward to helping you transform your living spaces into havens of serenity and functionality, where you can not only relax but also thrive. 

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Edmonton, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Drayton Valley & Surrounding Areas 

Hi! I'm Marilyn!

My love of helping others achieve a peaceful home is my driving force. The connection and trust developed through the process is so rewarding. I always strive to have the experience be as stress free and fun as possible. Yes, I said fun! 

It may seem daunting when you are looking at your project now, but the process will leave you with a new sense of achievement which carries through other areas in your life.  We are here to guide and help you make your dreams for your home come true!

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Hi! I'm Madison!

As a Dog Trainer, pet & house sitter and Theatre Technician, a busy lifestyle is something I am familiar with, and I firmly believe that a well-organized space will reduce stress, boost productivity and make life better

I’m excited to be part of this incredible Team of Professional Organizers that focuses on creating this positive life changes and educating our clients along the way!

I’m looking forward to helping you soon!

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Hi! I'm Janine!

Organizing and decluttering have been my jam since I was just a kid of 7. That obsession has only grown with me, and now, I’m fortunate enough to be part of the fantastic team at Rose City Organizing.

There’s nothing that brings me more joy than making a real difference in your hectic life. Let’s team up and tackle the chaos together.

Trust me, with our combined efforts, we’ll not only reorganize and declutter but also destress your space, bringing you that much-needed peace of mind. Let’s dive in and make your space a sanctuary together!

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Hi! I'm Shelley!

I strongly believe that our homes should be equipped with systems tailored to work for us, providing a stress-free oasis in the middle of life’s chaos.

It’s truly a privilege to assist our clients through the process of decluttering, sorting, and implementing organizational systems that will help transform their spaces to work for them, simplify their lives, and promote productivity.

I am excited to be a part of your organizing journey and look forward to helping you create spaces that inspire and uplift you

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Fort McMurray

Hi! I'm Krista!

I have a full understanding of what it is like to be married to a shift worker while trying to keep on top of your house, kids activities, and commitments

Mental health is my biggest passion, I have empathy for the tough stuff, and I love helping others feel comfortable in their homes. I have my undergrad in Visual Arts, I have an eye for visual presentation and am great at problem solving. 

I look forward to helping you declutter, organize and get systems in place so that your household can run smoothly and stress free!

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Hi! I'm Krista!

The spaces in your home need to work for your family, plus bring you a sense of calm. As a Postpartum Doula, I have been helping moms organize and plan for transitioning to life with a new baby since 2016. This awoke a passion in me to help other moms and families declutter and organize. I love to find customized solutions for storage in nurseries, closets, kitchens and home offices. 

Getting started can sometimes seem overwhelming, but I have tons of ideas, experience, and energy to help you get the job done. Together we will accomplish any decluttering or reorganizing task you have in mind!

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Camrose & Surrounding Areas

Hi! I'm Erin!

I’ve been organizing for myself, family, and friends since I was a little girl. I’ve also run a successful computer business in Camrose with my husband for the past 16 years while we’ve raised our two kids. I’m passionate about sharing my skills and experience with as many people as possible so they can also enjoy the countless benefits of a well-organized, peaceful space.

I can’t wait to help you work through your problem areas and together, create spaces that feel calm, functional, and beautiful. You deserve it!

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Hi! I'm Kari!

I grew up in a tidy, organized home and have taken that into my adult years. From multiple moves to managing a household of three young girls with A LOT of toys, I continually strive for a clutter-free, orderly, and calm home.

With an education in marketing, much of what I learned in school about design can be applied in achieving a cohesive, well-thought-out, beautiful home.

I look forward to working with you to make your house a home that you truly love. We’re going to have a lot of fun!

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Jasper, Hinton, Grande Cache & Surrounding Areas

Organized & Overjoyed Clients

I am an avid crafter and have collected many years of items to sort and organize. Christa & Jennifer made all the difference in accomplishing a huge task in my home. Their attention to details of organizing each section and their fast ability to get 5 major areas set up was astonishing. Within 2 days we had it done!


If you are feeling overwhelmed in a space and just don’t know where to start, give Christa a call. I am so happy that we did. Our kitchen just wasn’t working for us and we were at a loss for where to start. Christa made a plan that would work for us and executed it flawlessly. We are so happy with the results and we now have a very functional space that works for our family.


Christa is amazing at what she does! I felt zero embarrassment or judgement letting her into my chaotic home; she was kind, creative, energetic, and dedicated to doing the job well. I’m loving the new space and usability Christa helped me attain.


Hiring the Rose City Organizing Team was truly a life changing experience! They are knowledgeable, hard working and respectful. The crew sorted and organized four ‘out of control’ areas of my home and the result was complete peace of mind and an easy to maintain system. I learned so much during the process that I am now using these skills in other areas of my home.

We’ve had 6 sessions with the Rose City Professional Organizing Team and let me tell you, our home feels like a breath of fresh air! It feels peaceful, joyful, and gives me hope. I want to cry tears of gratitude because investing in having our home professionally organized has given my husband and I the gift of time to do the little projects we never had time for, and the best gift of all has been having more time with our kids instead of constantly trying to keep up. What this Team does is amazing!

Christa and her Team did an amazing job helping with unpacking and getting us settled in our new home. Everything is so well organized and efficient. The entire team is professional and it was such a pleasure having them in our home.


Christa is an organizing tornado! She makes stuff happen, but is gentle and understanding in the process. I love my garage now! I used to hate having to go in to that chaos. She decluttered, organized and labelled it all!


Christa & Jenn were amazing to work with. They were very bright and cheery and had a clear plan for what would work in regards to organizing the spaces we had discussed. Most importantly it has been several weeks since our session and the areas we organized are still organized and I am loving how easy it is to keep them clean!


What a difference Christa made in my kitchen! She’s hard working, efficient, and knows her stuff. I want to be an organized person, but really struggle to put my plan into motion as well as follow it through to completion. Christa got right down to it, and gave me tips and tricks on what to keep/donate/repurpose. She’s fantastic, and coming back in 6 weeks for the next project!


I was so overwhelmed with life in general, not to mention the state of the house when Christa was called to help me get it ready for sale. Not only did she do an amazing job organizing and staging the house to be in listing & showing condition, but right from the start made me believe that I’d get through this. She is a great person who cares for others and is extremely passionate about what she does. I recommend her to everyone!


What an amazing experience. Christa brought sanity back to my life. She knew exactly what I needed to make areas of my house functional. I never thought I could get to this place. My stress levels are much lower now that I have some organization in my life. She is a miracle worker.


I’ve had Christa and her Team help me with 6 spaces in my home. They did such an outstanding and perfect job with decluttering and organizing; putting items into proper groupings, and using detailed labels which makes it so easy to identify in the future. They are professional, arrive on time, full of energy and eager start. Christa and her Team are 5 star rated! Thank you again!


Christa has transformed my house! She was amazing and I never could have done it without her help. Her organizing skills rubbed off on my daughters; they organized their entire bathroom on their own after she left, and for the first time in history they are keeping their rooms clean, it’s a miracle! I’m more than happy with the work Christa did here and I’m much more comfortable in my home!


Christa helped me declutter our home before listing it for sale and she was excellent to work with. She was motivated and efficient for us to make lots of progress. I definitely recommend working with Christa.


What a wonderful experience! Right from chatting about the what I was struggling with to spending the day with Christa, it was a very positive and valuable experience. She helped me organize my basement and even made custom keepsake holders for my kids. I can’t wait to get her back to help me organize our new kitchen and many other areas that would greatly benefit from her expertise! If you are thinking about hiring Christa to help with your space, do it!